January: New Year, New Website

New Year

Armed with a fresh new domain name and matching enthusiasm, I have revisited and repurposed this website. It is a significant step. After three decades as a French and English teacher, I am now comfortable with the idea that I too have been repurposed. As a result of desiring to bless distant family members with my words and responding to curriculum writing needs at Westminster Chapel, my primary occupation has surreptitiously become that of a writer. This has taken me somewhat by surprise. Yet I am reminded of long term goals set in the mid 1980s and watch in awe of God’s goodness as they are realized.

So, this year, as I set about editing for the web Bible studies written last year for other media and add an online recording of my journey, I also aim to complete several new studies, the Lord willing. To my mentors, Theresa, Sylvia, Shelly and Lorie, who have wittingly and unwittingly spoken into my dreams, given me encouragement and opportunities to realize them, I will be forever grateful.

To my fellow ‘unfolders’, a few words of encouragement of my own. Whether you embark on a Bible Study alone or with others, I know that God’s word, in all its nourishing power and beauty, will reveal him to you and shed light on all you do and become. Just as I have discovered in the writing process, plodding and perseverance reap wonderful rewards, but the best part, I have found, is the journey and the God who accompanies you on it.


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