February: First Task Edit Acts Lessons 1-7

While I waited for some direction as to where I might head in my writing this year, I set about ‘reconditioning’ the seven lessons in Acts 1-12, that I had developed for the Tuesday morning women’s ELL Bible Studies last year.  I wanted a format that would do three things: facilitate the building of meaningful relationships; include as many of the cognitive processes involved in second language reading comprehension as possible; foster such a love for God’s Word that independant spiritual growth would be more likely to occur.

So I revisited the lessons and developed an enhanced format, while editing and totally rewriting some portions of content.  I am happier with the first seven lessons now, although there is still one more layer of editing that I want to do before the next stage – the writing of the final five lessons that would finish the studies in the Book of Acts.  The rewriting was almost complete when I left for home, 17th February, a ten year old grandson to return to his parents, and a new grandchild to welcome into this world.