April: Meeting with Pauline

St Heliers

Early April, I attended a Sunday service at my old St Heliers church and heard about their Easter celebrations.  The combined churches of the area were celebrating the Risen Son at sunrise on the beach, with loaves of bread and barbecued fish to follow.  Mum and I decided to join them.  It was wonderful, in fact, everything we had hoped for – the beauty of the early autumn morning, the beauty of the sand and sea, and the beauty of Christians from several denominations gathering together in the name of their Lord Jesus.

On that first Sunday service, I was also able to talk briefly with Pauline, the Minister.  I offered her my newly finished ESL Mother’s Day lesson.  She responded by inviting me to a meeting where we discussed her aspirations for an ESL programme and my growing desire to serve God in that area.  We realised that our plans might not coincide at the moment but there were ways we could help each other.  Enthusiasm and inspirational ideas flowed.  It reminded me of the wonderful Tuesday chats I have enjoyed with Theresa, my Minister of Adult Education in Seattle.  The meeting with Pauline inspired me to aim at writing enough curriculum for a three year Bible Study programme for new immigrants.  I wondered about becoming an education consultant to churches, using the skills gained during my two years providing professional development to teachers.  I could meet regularly with Ministers from a cluster of churches to brainstorm ideas, consult with stake holders, develop and provide resources for ESL programmes and Adult Education programmes, provide teacher training, do some teaching, and provide course evaluation tools.

After my meeting with Pauline, I was very inspired, but decided to focus on family while at home.  Yet I was looking forward to a focus on writing on my return to Seattle.  My meeting with Pauline was a clarifying event.  It gave me direction for the future in the foundational setting of the Easter death and resurrection of my Lord Jesus.


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