May: Back To Writing Again


After returning to Seattle at the end of April, I contacted Sylvia and JoAnn, explaining that I wanted to write ELL curriculum for them till the end of June.  I had three projects I wanted to complete before the end of the year.   Which one would they prefer me to start on:

  • Twelve lessons in the Gospel of John
  • A series called Celebrate the Year in Psalms
  • Lessons 8 to 12 in the Book of Acts

In response, that’s the exact order they suggested.

Today, after two days of skim reading, I sent them a proposal for the allocation of lessons and chapters, starting this September and ending with three lessons for Easter, 2010.

With all the financial turmoil around me, I realise it will take some focus to complete the task.  The plan is to work each day from one to five, that means about thirty-six sets of four hours, or three afternoons per lesson.  The first draft should be able to be sent to the fabulous four for editing by June 26th, the Lord willing.  And that also is a financial D-Day.  That’s the plan I have committed to the Lord.


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