August: Handed Over!


Yesterday, after four months of satisfying research, writing, and editing, the series entitled I Am Jesus, with twelve ELL lessons in the  Gospel of John, was handed over to the staff at Westminster Chapel, WA, in time for the new year’s classes beginning September 1st.  With the lessons were many added resources: a song book, an alphabetical vocabulary list, a topical structure section, evaluation forms, an Introducing The Bible pamphlet, and the requisite bibliography, title page, and creative commons license.

As I worked, as well as the Fab Four (Dianne, Ellen, JoAnn, and Sylvia) who so conscientiously edited the lessons and prayed for me every week, I know there have been others who have also been praying.  I only know this because they have surprised me by telling me so as we have met by chance during that time.  It has been a humbling experience to discover such conscientious support from people I hardly know.  It is because they believe in God’s power to work in people’s lives through our imperfect offerings, and they believe in the power of prayer.

So my part in this work which has consumed my every waking moment for the past twelve weeks is now done.  I expected to feel a sense of amazing exhilaration, but for ten days now there has been so much tedious but necessary editing and re-editing, copying and recopying, zipping, unzipping and rezipping, that now it is done, I also am done.  I can’t quite celebrate because I am not  certain that my work is in fact done.

Sure enough, just now, as I have been posting online the work in all its many parts, I discovered one more set of formatting errors.  Argghhhh!  Nothing major, but a good reminder that although I have done my best my work is far from perfect.  It will always be a series in draft.

My only recourse is to offer what I have written to God for him to use as he sees fit.  Only He can work wonders through the words of scripture, through the words of my lessons, and through the words of the teachers and participants who will meet week by week, and year by year to learn about Jesus through his many and wonderful names.  As they meet, it is only God who can change and sanctify lives.  So I hand this series of lessons over to Him, the author and finisher of our faith.

I might not be jumping in energetic joy, but I am truly grateful for the opportunity to be part of his bigger plan.  I am therefore looking forward in quiet hope and expectation to all that he will do, for his glory.


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