November: Amazed


JoAnn, one of the Fab Four who edit and teach my lessons, suggested that seeing John the Baptist was a feature in our Gospel of John series it would be nice to include his birth story alongside that of Jesus’ birth for the planned Christmas lessons.  I instantly loved her idea.  I had always been fascinated by the story of Elizabeth and Mary so I headed straight for Luke 1 and 2.

What wonderful stories I rediscovered there.  But could I do them justice?  There was the tightness of time – the two lessons needed to be written well before the end of November ready for editing, preparation and teaching early December.  And then there was our personal turmoil –  we had just moved from a home in one country to no home in another.  Our belongings were being shipped, we had irregular internet access, no income, and the dreadful churn of imposing on family for temporary accommodation.  Then there were the regular interruptions of job applications, interviews, doctor’s appointments and medical tests.  If I could write in those circumstances, then I truly was a writer!

As it turned out, the writing task and the structure of the lessons gave me a focus over and above our issues.  I finished the first draft of lesson 2 the night before the teachers’ planning lesson.  JoAnn retrieved my email attachment just prior to leaving for the Thanksgiving class and had the draft printed and ready for the teachers’ planning meeting to follow.

Talk about tight, but what a wonderful experience.  Those four ladies helped me lift my head and do what I love.  Then when I sent them my offering, they heaped me with encouragement and undeserved praise.

After finishing the task, when I doubted how much of each lesson had been led by the Lord, he reminded me that scripture has power in itself.  It is inspired and used by the Holy Spirit.  My lesson was just a wrapping.  Once the wrapping was torn away, the scriptures would shine brightly into open and prepared hearts.


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