December 2012 – February 2013: The Enrollment Process


On December 8th at 11.05 pm I posted my Expression of Interest with less than an hour to spare before the deadline. Very quickly I was contacted by Student Services and so began a comedy of errors which would take the next three months to resolve:

The next step after the EOI was to get the Board of Studies approval. This involved references that proved I had the ability to do doctoral research. This was at a time when most people were on annual leave. I finally got my references in on 22nd January.

My MA Applied didn’t involve a tradional dissertation which was another proof of ability indocator for the Board of Studies. They finally accepted the MOE ELL project completed when at MAGS and gave their approval for my EOI on 30th January.

Meantime I needed to create an account at the university in order to enroll online. Apparently I already had a University of Auckland student ID number and NetID/UPI. I had no memory of this as it would have been set up years before and on what occasion, I have no idea. It used a now-obsolete email address. When I couldn’t remember my pin and created a new one, this was sent to that old email address. When I was going round in circles with Student Services, I asked Monique Hamlin to intervene. I began the process on 19th December and finally got access on 21st January!

Once I had access, I could finally begin the online application process. The four week limit built into the programme ran out before I could gather all the information needed. I didn’t understand why the information I was saving was not there when I went in the next time. Once again, Monique Hamlin sorted it out for me.

One of the reasons it took so long was the dripfeed instructions regarding which documents the university wanted notarised. Why, when they had my MA notarised would they want my DipTheol papers as well, and why when I had done my BA at Auckland, and they had my UE details on my transcript already, woultd they need my UE documents notarised and presented again? But they did and the online application was finally completed on 3rd March.

However, the EdD showed as still pending a week later and only five days before late fees would have to be paid.

Fortunately the staff in the Department at Education were wonderful. Martin East accepted supervising me straight away and recruited Constanza Tolosa as a co-supervisor. Ben and Barbara, the cohort supervisors invited me to attend the first block knowing enrolment was in complete. I caught up with Keitha Shalley, my former neighbour, who I discovered was the very efficient cohort administrator.

However, the admission process was very stressful and I wouldn’t wish it on anybody.


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