Reflecting upon reflection

Tairua 2012 147
Reflecting on a Doctor of Education

Some years ago now, we explored the 309 Road on the Coromandel Peninsular and came across this hidden waterfall just minutes off the dusty thoroughfare.  Its natural, unspoilt beauty, its deep blue pool, its elegant and refreshing symmetry stopped us in our tracks.  We felt as if we were the first to ever happen upon its perfection.

In late May just past I applied for a TeachNZ Study Leave Award.  It’s the second time I have made such an application.  The first time I was unable to say that the full year release from teaching would complete my doctorate, but now, having ticked off the preliminaries and having collected my data, I am able to say that a full year of release from teaching in 2016 would indeed facilitate the completion of my thesis document.

As I reflect in this blog on what has led me here, please, dear reader, hope with me that the TeachNZ selection panel will see the worth of my efforts and offer me the privilege of a year’s study on my teacher’s salary.  The application acknowledgement letter said I would know before August 21st.

In the meantime I am spending the first week of the school break marking NCEA internal assessments and preparing for a new and busy term ahead.  The second week will be spent on an initial sorting of and pondering on the EdD data collected.  I hope the data will support my hunch that when students reflect in their first language on the strategies and processes they use as they write in their second language, then second language acquisition occurs.


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