Really Simple? How do links and feeds differ?


I have known about RSS feeds since 2004.  I remember exactly when because of the job I had just started that introduced them to me in the blog context.

The way I tend to get personal feeds is by receiving them directly into my personal email box.  At work I have opted to create tabs on my browsers’ home pages and use the favourites facility.  In one browser, the tabs link to the sites I use daily.  In a second browser, I have created favourites tabs according to the classes I teach.  Most of the links in those folders are used annually as I teach certain topics.  Are these two methods the same as RSS feeds?  I am not so sure.  The one is push technology and the other is pull.

In addition, the ways I stay connected at work have their issues, if I need to update my computer which I have done twice since 2004, I have to create those folders again, and even though I have tried to save my favourites and transfer them to the new computer, I have never achieved that successfully.  Consequently I have had to start all over again finding those precious web links.  Having an online site like Feedly would ensure I don’t loose those links/feeds in the transfer of data.

So thanks for the info about online sites for RSS feeds, 23Research!  I think I will have a go with Feedly.


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