Can’t wait to meet her

Waiting Baby

It is Saturday morning and we are waiting…

Dark curly hair, brown eyes and swarthy skin like both her parents?  Literary and good with words like her Mum?  Outdoorsy and twinkling with mischief and humour like her Dad?  Regardless, she will be loved to bits, this little one.

Two days ago now was the due date for my son and daughter-in-law’s first baby, a little girl.  I asked them yesterday what they planned for the weekend, and they replied, “Oh, just pottering around home.”  I wondered before I asked if it was a silly question.  However, when you are waiting, you still have to do something.

Every weekend, we come home to the Coromandel from the big city.  Friday night routine.  For the first time, we wondered if we should stay in Auckland and wait, or should we just carry on with what we usually do and wait while we do?

We decided to carry on and wait but let the expectant parents know that immediately we heard from them we were on the road.

So it is Saturday morning and we can’t wait to meet her.


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