Generous and Genuine Thanks

In an earlier blog entry I pondered an appropriate way to thank the four wonderful teachers who had sacrificed precious classroom contact time to allow me access for my EdD research.

Well, I decided to offer them several options: a voucher for a mall or a book shop or going out to dinner together.  A surprise to me, because they are all so busy, they opted for the latter.  On Wednesday evening we gathered from the four corners of town to spend time together and I took with me some sweets and stationery to thank their students.  We enjoyed a really pleasant couple of hours just being friends and colleagues.  There was loads of laughter.  The next day, when I thanked them for a lovely evening, they sent the following emails:

  • I loved the pigging-out on teacher talk!
  • I agree wholeheartedly. It also makes me realise how different the operational conditions are in our schools. Lovely to meet, chat and catch up with you all.
  • Let me add my voice to the chorus. Such an enjoyable evening with people I hold in very high esteem.
  • Thanks, Anne.  My Year 11 pupils got their chocolates & pencils during their test this morning!  Good timing.

Generous giving of time, generous thanks, generously kind words from people I admire and respect.  Satisfaction.
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