Growing Family

Big family

We have a growing family and it is getting harder to get together so we can grow  together.  Five kids, six grandkids with two on the way, four towns, two countries.

In an effort to grow family while the family grows, we carry on with our camping Christmas weekend every year, the weekend before the big day itself.  That way the in-laws can enjoy them on the actual day.  We all win.  It is such a pleasure to have everybody together.

But how do we all fit into our two-bedroomed house with sleepunder for five only?  Last year we had two tents but the ground was too sloping to be confortable. Dilemma.

So last weekend we started emailing reply all and by this weekend we had come up with two solutions.  We have managed to rent our neighbour’s house for the three special days and the lower section is set to be levelled.  Family has pulled together.

The Dunedinites will be in the sleepunder, Mum and Dad and the West Auckland Greenfields will be in the house next door, and the East Auckland Greenfields with new baby will be in the sleepout next door.  The Naera-Scotts have several options – camping on the newly-leveled lower section, or in the office-cum-bedroom at our place. If the Calgoorlie crew arrived, we would be overjoyed.  They could discuss with the Naera-Scotts where they wanted to be, camping on the lower land together, or one lot in the house and the other camping.  Whichever, there would be plenty of room for all.

Thank you, family, for pulling together and for coming up with solutions.  Thank you, son, for levelling the land.  Work begins on one month so the grass will have grown by Christmas.

Growing family.  Family Growing.  Satisfaction.  We are looking forward to a wonderful summer and Christmas together once again.


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