Google Drive for Appraisal


Another handy use of Google Drive in the teaching and learning context is the storage of evidence for appraisal and renewal of practising certificates.  In order to renew a Practising Certificate you have to:

  1. be of good character and fit to be a teacher
  2. have completed satisfactory professional development within the last three years
  3. have completed satisfactory recent teaching service
  4. have been meaningfully assessed against and have met the Practising Teacher Criteria.

One of my young colleagues has inspired me to use Google Drive to store my evidence in one folder and link from the Practising Teacher Criteria document to that evidence in an elegantly simple way.

Of course the most important part of the process is reflection, so gathering and linking to evidence is not enough.  The teacher can record reflections related to that evidence in an extra column in the Practising Teacher Criteria table.

Although this might sound like a box ticking exercise, when I engage with the process conscientiously, I have gained the same sort of enlightenment and satisfaction that I gain from blogging.  It clarifies my thinking, makes time for me to formulate new ideas and plans, gives me an opportunity to notice areas I can work on that I might not have otherwise noticed, and encourages me as I realise that yes, over all, I am doing well by my students and colleagues.  What is also nice: my appraiser has access to this information when I simply “share” the link with them.

It is interesting to note that ERO personnel will also be able to quickly view this information when they visit schools for attestation purposes.  We have recently been told that from 2015 onwards, a fourth person has been added to ERO teams.  This person’s sole task is to review appraisal processes and individual teacher documentation.  In a recent visit to a large Auckland secondary school, twenty-one teachers who had recently renewed or were about to renew their Practising Certificates had their documentation reviewed.

Google Drive is a really helpful platform to store evidence and reflections for both appraisal and school review processes.


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