Uncertainty when posting online


As part of the University of Auckland professional development course, 23 Things for Research, participants have been encouraged to create an online presence and network.

Even so, I can’t shake off my uncertainty as I create web profiles and post my work online, especially for some reason this latest task, which involved joining Slideshare and uploading a presentation.  I chose my doctoral proposal.  It has made me feel vulnerable.  Should it?  Anyway, here’s the link to what I have uploaded:


News flash!

I have deleted that set of slides after a wise post by libroraptor and have instead uploaded a WW1 commemoration PPT detailing a shared memories project between a school in France and one in New Zealand.  I set it to private viewing from this site only.




      • I posted class slides that I’ve never been entirely happy with, thinking that if anyone wanted to reply with suggestions, there’s still benefit to be had in the future. On the other hand, I think I keep my PhD proposal hidden (even from me) because things move on so swiftly once the thesis is approved — there are sure to be improvements to suggest because that’s the nature of the thing, but, after we’ve charted new directions, suggestions about the old project aren’t so likely to help.

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