#23research – Thing 10: Content Curation (extra bit)

Curation is a new concept for me. I have often used bookmarks, tabs and links, that are computer-specific, but how convenient to have a cloud repository for all your personal website likes, accessed from any computer. To add to the new tools array is the What Do you love? feature on Google described here by Tracy. Thanks for the info.

Speak Your Truth

As part of Thing 10: Content Curation, the ‘try this’ activity was to reblog a post from a fellow participant.  I chose reflectedd’s blog post about Google Drive.

The Thing10 module reminded me of another Google tool I recently discovered called ‘What do you love?‘ This featured in Sauers & Burns (2014) book: Google search secrets.


I hadn’t heard of it before and it’s a bit like Scoop.it – you enter a topic into the search box and it returns results from multiple Google platforms: News, Blogs, Books, Groups etc.  Here’s a search I did using ‘Auckland’ as the topic:

wdyl2I tried another search using ‘Kaupapa Māori’ though it returned mostly Kura Kaupapa within the results.  With a slight tweak to my keywords, I retried using ‘Māori methodology’ and retrieved a slightly better set of results:


It seems to work quite well with more general topics…

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