Summer Quinn

At 7am on Sunday morning, 16th August 2015, Summer Quinn Greenfield, overdue by eleven days, was finally born.  A beautiful little girl, 3.4 kgs, long legs and fingers, and dark hair, just like her Mum and Dad.  Very cute.  Although she’s my sixth grandchild, the first child of my second son, the wonder of a birth never ceases to amaze me.  Such perfect little beings.

The day before her arrival, my husband purchased tickets for us to see the Royal New Zealand Ballet dance A Mid-Summer Night’s Dream.  The next day, on learning her name, I mused at the serendipity.  So then my son shared his story.  Soon after the birth, he needed to move the car and collect the baby seat.  As he turned the engine on, Seals and Crofts were singing Summer Breeze on the radio.  He had a wee cry.  More serendipity.  He is convinced they have chosen the right name for her.

Dear little Summer, you have wonderful parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents and great grandparents who already love you to bits. May you grow strong swaddled in the warmth of all that love.  Granne.



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