Google Site: Sounding French

Sounding French Home Page

To achieve #23TeachingThings tasks 10 and 11, I have extended my existing school Google Drive to create a site entitled Sounding French.  Hopefully the permissions have been set correctly so that anybody with the link can view the site, not just those on our school network.

The reason I created it on my school network, is so my Year 9 to 13 students who wish to learn lessons they have missed or review and practise their French might have easy access.  I would like to see them becoming independent learners, able to communicate creatively, but also correctly, in order to sound like a French person.  Despite current foreign language teaching pedagogy, sounding like a French person is a top priority my students say through survey.

My Year 10 class have recently learned the passé composé with avoir and are about to learn the passé composé with être.  So after the home page, which states the learning intention, the first page is dedicated to them.

One irritating feature of google sites, is that each time you edit a file, it changes the order in which it is seen on the page.  This means the files are no longer in the order in which the students would logically learn them.  I wonder if I number the files on a given topic, if that would keep them in place?  Or is there a simple solution that I have failed to see?


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