Modern Learning Environments and the Third of our Students who are Introverts

In an interesting lunchtime conversation today, we pondered modern learning environments and the third of our students who are introverts.  As language teachers, and because it is budget request time, we talked about the sort of furniture that would suit the extroverts and introverts in our classes and their respective learning preferences.

To some of us, the classroom space below would be headache territory.  And let’s face it: Didn’t we try this in the 80s and then return to more traditional environments again?  Maybe we need to remember the lessons of the past and create environments where all can learn (and teach), environments that don’t, by their very form, exclude large and significant groups of our students.

We recalled a TedEd presentation about the need to recognise introverts in this era where schools are designed with bright colours, wide open busy spaces and nowhere to hide away in quiet.

We decided with Susan Cain that although introverts need to learn the skills of collaboration, extroverts equally need to learn quiet independence and respect for the space of others.

We gave each other permission to make budget requests for new classroom furniture that allows both types of students to learn favourably in our language classrooms.

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