Fighting the war on paper

Paper war

I have to admit, I love the smell, feel and sound of paper.  I have even recycled and made my own paper.  But when a school has spent megabucks on technology infrastructure, it has to save money somewhere and paper is a logical place to start, to say nothing of the environment.

Yet there are some teaching tasks that take longer and are less reliable when using technology rather than paper.  As a language teacher, who needs to note every word written by a student and indicate error as a stepping stone to unhindered communication, marking second language writing assignments with digital, online tools takes me three or four times longer than with paper.  Using less paper is far outweighed by using more time.  Then there are network outages, saving glitches and so on.

But what about note taking?  Digital notetaking has been a habit since I began teaching in a laptop school in the mid-90s, when colleagues from other schools mocked public computer use as showing off.  It wasn’t long, however, before most became fans of cut and paste, spell-check, search, and save to folder.  But notetaking in the cloud?  That’s more recent for me.

Over the past four or five years of using google docs, then google drive and now google sites, online notetaking and sharing has logically occurred via one of those.  So why would I move to Evernote or Onenote?  What might they have that google doesn’t provide?

I shall have to find out.



  1. Hi Anne,

    I look forward to any future posts you may write about note-taking and about OneNote in particular. If you like, I will cover your posts from my Twitter account @OneNoteC and give you credit. Are you active on Twitter yourself?

    Kind regards,
    Marjolein Hoekstra
    Microsoft OneNote MVP

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    • Hi Marjolein,

      Thanks for being in touch. I will have to do a really good job on my comparison now! Watch this space… And yes, I have a Twitter account: @AnneReflectEdD. I will follow your account as I do my comparison. Thanks for the heads up. Anne Scott


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