Reference Management with Refworks


When Auckland University moved from Endnote to Refworks, I decided to focus on compiling my bibliographies with the supported programme.

It has taken me two or three years’ worth of assignment papers to understand the idiosyncracies of the programme, and there are many, but also its useful, even wonderful, attributes.

As the university explains, “RefWorks is a web based tool for storing and managing bibliographic references.”  With Refworks you can copy references from a library catalogue search straight into your own online Refworks account to create your own database and from there insert references into a document using your preferred citation style.  The latter is the feature I particularly like.  However, the references often need to be editted as they transfer inaccurately and of course, if you no longer attend the university that pays for the accounts, then you no longer have access to that account.  These are the aspects I enjoy the least.

Consequently, free online versions, like Zotero and Mendeley, despite their limited features, have appeal.


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