Lo and Behold! The latest version of OneNote!


Free image from ©2014 ClipartPanda.com

For a week now I have been struggling with OneNote.  I wrongly assumed that because my netbook was relatively new I had a recent version and couldn’t figure out how online reviewers were achieving what they wrote about.  Finally I decided, after making such a mess of the programme and not understanding how to revert to the default version, to download the programme again.  Lo and Behold!  The version I had been using was very outdated and at a glance I could now see what reviewers were talking about.  Frustration gone!  Sigh of relief and understanding!

One review that originally helped me decide on and then persevere with OneNote rather than EverNote was Computerworld’s OneNote EverNote Showdown written by Preston Knight in March 2014. I summarise his main points below.

To begin with, although both are now multiplatform and free, OneNote is a MS product where EverNote is Mac.  So, if you are using Windows, like me, it’s a logical choice.  Preston says that OneNote “bristles with note-creation tools for drawing, recording audio and video, scanning images, embedding spreadsheets and reviewing the edits of others … its note-creation tools are more comprehensive than Evernote’s.”  It should be noted though that there are more features in the Windows version of OneNote than in the ipad and Mac versions whereas Evernote is “more visually compelling than OneNote on the iPad and Mac.”  Preston adds that, “(a)s good as OneNote is at creating notes, it falls short of Evernote’s considerable capabilities for clipping content from the Web.”  He says that EverNote’s web clipping tool is the best you can find.

He summarises by saying that Evernote and OneNote are note-taking tools with very different emphases and he personally uses both.  He uses EverNote for gathering data because it is better for capturing content from the web and he uses OneNote for organising the data for articles and books because it is better for creating notes from scratch and organising them into notebooks.  As I have gathered my data on site in five classrooms in four co-ed secondary schools, I am wanting to use a note-taking tool for organising and searching my data. I therefore choose OneNote.

I am using OneNote to compartmentalise the qualitative data for my research.  I have only one notebook at this stage but one tab for each school and one page for each guiding question of the student reflections.  I have cut and pasted the student reflections on one topic onto one page within each tab.  It is allowing me to see at a glance all the reflections on the one topic and so more easily code those reflections.  My next step will be to tag the reflections according to codes and gather them into the one document. Using the sharing features will be potentially useful for sharing with or collaborating with my supervisors.  I haven’t thought about email integration yet nor have I any need to include images or webclips for my research.


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