#23Research: A valuable course

On consideration, the 23 Things for Research course has been inspiring.  I enjoyed looking forward to each Monday’s new offering and getting my teeth into new tech programmes and tasks.

I discovered the pleasure of clarifying my thoughts through blogging, getting connected with colleagues and resources through Twitter, discovering OneNote for gathering together qualitative data from my four research sites and analysing it using tags, and I am looking forward to using Voyant corpus text analysis tools to analyse this data further.  Through it all I have also discovered Bitly, which I love.  I am pretty sure I will continue to blog and tweet but will try to connect them more consistently in order to increase my follower base.

What do I think CreATE should be exploring further?  Perhaps beginning the course with a diagnostic survey of those who are participating to see where they are at before they start and therefore what might be valuabe to include in the offerings.

Perhaps there could also be one #23Research Thing which is collaborative, where participants share some new techy thing they have found valuable for their research, or a forum where they share where they are at in their research and what they are getting stuck on, so others can suggest technologies that might help.

Overall, I have found this one of the best professional learning and development courses I have taken part in ever.  It equals my first ever collaborative action research experience.  Both will go down in my PLD book of greats.

Many multilingual thanks to Damon and the team at the University of Auckland’s CreATE.

Thank you


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