Webspiration for organising thinking

From July to October this year, I have been taking part in two online courses from the same team, 23 Things for Research and 23 Teaching Things.  Because some sessions overlapped, I decided to create a table that tracked what I did for each.  That has worked very well but I have been a little unclear as to what has been duplicated. I thought perhaps a Webspiration comparison diagram would be an ideal instrument to show me and a good way to reaquaint myself with a tool I was much enamoured with in the past, having used Inspiration before it went online and when it was cost-free.

What I have learned is that for some information, tables suit me much better.  I have also learned that although I did achieve discovering the overlap through the diagram, I was unable to export it in a readable manner either to Google or to Word in order to share it with others who don’t have access to Webspiration.

 Webspiration Diagram

The time it took to discover this information with Webspiration was also extremely wasteful.  I achieved the same information in much less time by simply colour coding my table.

Colour Coded Table

Webspiration, however, is a very useful tool for thinking and then transferring that thinking into an essay.  Being a linguist, my natural thinking tool, however, is a table in Word.


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