Does ICT assist learning?

E-learning. Laptop, diploma and mortar board.

Source: Does ICT assist learning?

This article by Derek Wenmoth is an enlightening and challenging response to the OECD findings that ICT makes no difference at all in students’ achievement.  That’s no surprise really as a computer is just a tool like pen and paper.  If the majority of teachers are using technology in the same way they did pen and paper then of course there will be no change in achievement levels.  However, Derek points out that if technology is able to transform teaching and learning, perhaps that’s when change in achievement will occur.  He also reminds us that there is value in learning with the tools that students will need to become integrated members of today’s world.  No use teaching using slates and chunks of chalk anymore!

Question to self:  Has technology transformed teaching and learning in my classroom, or am just doing the same old things but with more expensive tools?


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