Using and creating audio and video

As a foreign language teacher in a BYOD school, I find that digital audio and video tools are indispensable. In my classroom, more often than not, these are in the form of resources I have purchased with a text or created by others more technologically able than myself.  I have long admired those who regularly create ‘How to’ videos, Youtube teaching units, or flip their classrooms with sound recordings or videos for their students’ lesson preparation.

This week in #23 Teaching Things, we have been introduced to a really simple tool that makes the creation of audio and video resources more viable for me.  It is  It syncs instantly with Google Drive, the online environment I most use with my students.  You can either annotate an uploaded video as you watch, or, as I have done here, add the transcribed words to the Youtube video of a French song in order to get my students thinking French again at the start of a new term.

I have added instructions for the task they have to complete as they listen using the simple voice recorder that comes with Microsoft Office.  As a separate file, this also plays in

Together, these audio and video tools could be useful resources when I am absent, or simply to release me to attend to individual student needs as they listen and complete a task at their own speed.

I am keen to share with my colleagues.

Another tool that I have often enjoyed using in the past is Voki, which allows you to create an avatar and put words in its mouth.  Here’s the same message I recorded above using Voki.  The students enjoy creating their own avatars and inputting the audio which can be pre-recorded and uploaded, phoned in, or typed in.  If you choose the latter you have the ability to choose the language and accent when the Voki speaks your writing.  Great for those too shy to create an online video revealing their own profile!  And it’s very intuitive.


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