Easter Procession in Tairua

Easter BrusselsEaster NZ 2

Easter in Belgium and in New Zealand

This morning we joined with our community in Tairua (1400 permanent residents) to walk from the Community Centre across the footbridge beside the harbour along past the cafés and shops to the Church of St Francis following a parishioner bearing a large wooden cross. It was a moving experience with singing and prayer at each end and a traditional service in the little wooden Anglican church afterwards.

It made me think of the very different European processions through cobbled streets  dressed in traditional clothing and bearing a local legend-steeped statue at Easter. Our Tairua equivalent felt very rustic by comparison. Nonetheless meaningful. In fact very beautiful in the calm after the stormy weather of the last few days.

That led me to thinking about and looking for images of processions in Europe to illustrate this post because for sure there won’t be any of the Tairua one!  And that led me to images of this current Easter in Brussels, images that depict the recent terrorist attacks and the ones at this time last year in Paris. It’s a good time to remember people in those cities who are suffering this Holy Friday. Nous prions pour vous.

Je suis Bruxelles. Je suis Charlie. Dieu vous bénisse ce Pâques!


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