Plodding Boredom


I love to write.

I also love to plan for and teach secondary school age students.

However, the core duties of that job can be divided  into three stages:

planning, teaching, and marking.

It’s that last step that irks me.

I actively dislike marking.

I would rather do grounds duty than grade papers.  I know colleagues who have left the job and do relief teaching rather than grade papers.  It’s the tedium and boredom but also the responsibility of it.

So here I am released from the classroom with time to write my thesis.  A wonderful privilege. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading and writing my first four chapters over the past three months.

Now the time has come for me to plough through hundreds – literally – of papers that are being graded from every angle in order to provide data for my thesis.  And I am bored witless.  It is such hard work.

And it’s ironic.  I began studying to allay the boredom of decades of teaching.  Now my studies are full time and I am faced with the very boredoms that brought about the original decision to study.

Can’t wait for this grading and findings stage to be over.


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