Time to Write Again

Brain Stretching

It’s been almost two months since I ‘put pen to paper’ and recorded what I have been thinking.

It’s because over that period I have been brain stretching. I have been teaching myself how to use IBM SPSS (thank goodness for Youtube!) and conducting various referential stats investigations.

After being offered help from a private contractor, a lecturer and a fellow student, none worked due to their misunderstanding my work and my location so I was on my own.

All for the best. What a learning curve! More a steep learning slope than a curve, I’d say!

So now I have climbed the heady heights of a first draft quantitative chapter. Such a sense of achievement. I now understand standard deviations, levels of significance and effect sizes, Levene’s tests for homogeneity of variance, t-tests and Mann-Whitney U tests.

For this long time linguist who hasn’t studied maths since 1967, I think that’s not too shabby.


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