Off the Boil and Nervous


On 27th January I submitted my thesis to the bindery and on 2nd February the soft cover version was accepted by the School of Graduate Studies.  Yesterday I received an email from my supervisors to say that the two-hour oral would probably be in about six weeks as two examiners have now been found.  Yet I can’t help but worry that I have gone off the boil.  Will I remember all that I need to remember for those two hours when I am quizzed on my work?

On 26th January I returned to full-time teaching and administration at the school where I had previously taught and attended as a teenager.  We really do hit the ground running. Little thought for prior activities.  Summer break long gone.  Year of study leave nothing but mist. Instead my head is full of mentoring first year teachers, analyses of variance on last year’s exam results, preparing national moderation materials, NZALT excellence certificates, navigating new text books, learning eighty new names, rekindling the contacts with our sister school in France, orienting myself to a new but second hand computer where all my tabs and favourites have disappeared, enrolling eight hundred girls on Language Perfect, Friday morning tea roster, professional learning groups, appraisal partners, schemes, professional development sessions, learning area meetings, athletics day, lunchtime field duties, school centenary celebrations, professional association membership payments etc, etc.

So now the pending oral date.  I have to say that I’m more than a little anxious at my changed focus of attention.


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