On Being a Grandparent


On Friday 20th October 2017 a precious little granddaughter was born, a sister for two-year-old Summer.  Asher Kahurangi’s start to life was not easy: she spent her first two weeks in a neo-natal intensive care unit.  So it was with great relief when, three weeks after her birth, she and Mum came home to be with Dad and Summer and it was a great relief to finally meet her face to face.

The whole experience opened my eyes to the depth of emotion experienced when a child (in my case, a son and daughter-in-law) goes through a particularly tough time and you can’t provide support without adding to their ordeal.  So we all had to be patient and not try and run to the rescue.  Waiting, being necessarily excluded, and having no way to make things better was more painful than I could have ever understood without experiencing it.  Parenthood is certainly a role never set aside, even when your child is an adult.

So now we can start to move forward.  There will be more hospital visits and even one more before Christmas but I look forward to watching two little girls growing up together, supporting each other and loving each other.  Such a privilege to be their Granne.


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