Toting Teachers – What?!?

toting teachers
Image from Wypols

What on earth are they thinking?  When President Trump suggested that teachers should carry guns, and those that did would get paid more, his popularity increased to 50% from about 37% previously.

There you have it!  The chancres of the nation have been exposed for all the world to see: money and guns.

More and more the North American cultural psyche has moved away from the cultural logic of the rest of the civilised world.  In fact, civilised is an important word.  The United States of America is becoming, by choice, less and less civilised, and more and more a money-grabbers’ civil war zone.

I can foresee that, if this trajectory is not halted, before long, the US will revert to the wild west, which is the era in which the second amendment, the right to bear arms in order to protect oneself, was made to the Constitution. It may have been right for that time but now?  Really?  Refusing to adjust to change is plain stupidity.  Teachers toting guns is evidence of that.

We must be so careful that this unbalanced illness of the United States of America does not stealthily permeate our own cultural borders.


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